• Live with Intention

    Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with
    no regret. Do more of what makes you happy.
    Live each day with purpose and passion.

  • Bike to Cure

    Whether you ride, cheer or volunteer,
    join us at VeloSano 3 to raise money
    for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

  • In Search of a Cure

    Kimberly Price’s lifelong struggle with type 1
    diabetes inspired her family to make a gift supporting
    her endocrinologist’s promising research.


  • Training Caregivers

    Reimagining Med-Ed

    Construction of an unprecedented health-education 
    campus at Cleveland Clinic will prepare students 
    to lead in this new era of healthcare.

“As healthcare costs escalate, reimbursements shrink and federal funding for research declines, philanthropy is more crucial than ever. It will make the difference between good care and great care.”

Toby Cosgrove, MD
Cleveland Clinic CEO & President