• Spring Into Action!

    The scent of fresh-cut grass … a bird’s song …
    reckless blooming … easy smiles. Celebrate the season
    of renewed hope by making a gift to Cleveland Clinic.

  • Bike to Cure

    Whether you ride, cheer or volunteer,
    join us at VeloSano 3 to raise money
    for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic.

  • Training Caregivers

    Reimagining Med-Ed

    Construction of an unprecedented health-education 
    campus at Cleveland Clinic will prepare students 
    to lead in this new era of healthcare.

  • Promoting Health

    Every Second Counts

    Time lost is brain lost. Our mobile stroke unit
    — made possible by the Maltz family — shaves
    crucial minutes off diagnosis and treatment times.

“You only go through life once, so make a difference."


Al Geller
on why he and his wife, Norma, give to Cleveland Clinic