Board of Directors Philanthropy Committee

The Cleveland Clinic Board of Directors Philanthropy Committee oversees charitable giving and special philanthropic projects and assists in increasing the corpus of the institution’s endowment. Its members are integral components of Cleveland Clinic’s efforts to expand and develop its patient care, research and education programs.

Mr. Larry Pollock, Chair

Mr. Edward B. Brandon

Mrs. Theresa Carter

Ms. Margot James Copeland

Mr. Sam Covelli

Mrs. Debbie Crawford

Mrs. Laura B. Culp

Mr. Paul Dolan

Mr. Terrance C.Z. Egger

Mr. Harley Gross

Mr. Stewart A. Kohl, Vice Chair

Mr. Mark S. Lerner

Mrs. Norma Lerner

Mrs. Sydell L. Miller

Mr. Dan T. Moore, III

Kathy Stafford, PhD

Mr. Robert J. Tomsich

Mr. Morry Weiss