About the Campaign

>> At Cleveland Clinic, we believe that each and every one of us has the power to make a difference.

It’s a powerful number.
It’s how many people it takes
to change the world.

Our seven-year centennial campaign — the Power of Every One — is the most ambitious philanthropic effort in our history, with a goal of $2 billion. Collectively, these funds will help Cleveland Clinic continue to lead the transformation of healthcare.

Our founders — four physicians inspired by the teamwork and efficiency of military medicine — bucked tradition to adhere to a then-radical principle: Patients First. Their unwavering focus on patients, coupled with a culture of innovation, changed the way healthcare was delivered — in Cleveland, then nationally and around the world. They created what has become a great academic medical center.

Today, we continue to build on that legacy. Cleveland Clinic treats the sickest patients of any U.S. hospital and more highly complex cases than any other American hospital its size. We put the patient at the center of the healthcare experience — while lowering costs and raising quality.

How You Can Help

>> Our founders were propelled by one question: “How can we do this better?” We address this question every day through collaboration, innovation and striving to improve the way healthcare is delivered.

About the Cleveland Clinic Centennial Campaign ...

Cleveland Clinic is leading the shift in America from “sick care” to “well care.” We have the unique opportunity to be an example of effective, efficient healthcare for the nation and the world. But we can’t do this alone. With federal and corporate funding on a steep decline — coupled with increasing regulation and healthcare delivery costs — philanthropy is more crucial than ever.

To continue leading the transformation of healthcare, we’ve identified four strategic areas in which we seek to invest resources and talent:

Promoting Health

• Training Caregivers

• Transforming Care

Advancing Discovery

The success of this campaign will accelerate our work. Our time is now. Our window of opportunity is open.

One idea can create a cure. One caregiver can change countless lives. One gift can make a difference.

The Power of Every One is the power of shared vision, generosity and effort. We can’t do this without you.

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