Distinguished Fellows

The Distinguished Fellows honor is bestowed upon select individuals who have made extraordinary contributions of service and resources to further Cleveland Clinic’s mission. Since the award was created in 1971, the following individuals have been honored for their exemplary dedication to Cleveland Clinic.

Donald M. Alstadt*

Earl E. Bakken, PhD

Fred L. Ball*

Joseph E. Brown*

Melvin H. Burkhardt*

Lee and Jerome* Burkons

F. Joseph Callahan Jr.*

John D. Drinko*

Benjamin F. Fiery*

Raymond C. Firestone*

Shirley A. Foote

T. Keith Glennan*

Babs* and Carl* Glickman

Harry Goldblatt*

Helen* and Walter* Halle

Tracie and Scott Hamilton

Kenneth G. Herrick*

Arlene and Arthur* Holden

Lois U. Horvitz

James A. Hughes*

Violet J. and Joseph J.* Jacobs

E. Bradley Jones

Frank E. Joseph Sr.*

Gus P. Karos*

Linda and George* Kaufman

Virginia L. Kennedy*

Margaret and John* Krupa

Fred A. Lennon*

Norma and Alfred* Lerner

William E. MacDonald

John R. Mannix*

Harry T. Marks*

Albert E. Maroone

George E. Merrifield*

E. Tom Meyer*

Maria and Samuel H. Miller

Sydell Miller

Barbara and A. Malachi Mixon III

David T. Morgenthaler

Iris and Mort November

Nancy* and F.J.* O'Neill

Raymond A. Parker*

Marisa and John Payiavlas

Herbert T. Randall*

Robert N. Reinberger*

William C. Reinberger

Eleanore and Robert R. Risman

Helen and Ronald J. Ross, MD, FACR

Margaret and M. Frank* Rudy

Camille and Larry Ruvo

Hassib J. Sabbagh*

Ralph E. Schey*

Jane and Lee Seidman

John Sherwin Sr.*

Clara and John Sherwin Jr.

Walter S. Sparling*

Louis Stokes

James P. Storer*

Vernon Stouffer*

Ralph A. Straffon, MD*

Clarence M. Taylor*

C. Carlisle Tippit*

Robert J. Tomsich

Thomas V.H. Vail

U.A. Whitaker*

E. Mandell de Windt*